Parking permits

Parking on campus is free after 4.15pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday in most areas. At all other times, you’ll need to display a valid parking permit or pay for visitors parking.

If you’re planning to drive to Murdoch, you’ll need to have a valid parking permit. Our car parks are zoned and colour coded either red or green:

  • The red zone is located closer to the main buildings.
  • The green zone is lower-cost parking situated slightly further away.

To apply for your parking permit, you need to pay the fee for your chosen zone and agree to our parking terms and conditions.

Learn more about parking conditions and fees

How to apply for a parking permit

You can apply online for your parking permit for each semester or year. As part of your application, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your Murdoch username (student number)
  • Your Murdoch password
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard are accepted)

Once you have applied, your permit will be mailed to your nominated address within two working days of your payment being received.

If you need to apply for a parking permit in person, please visit The Student Centre for an application form you can complete and hand to the cashier for processing.

Apply online for a parking permit

Parking for Murdoch University Village residents

If you live at Murdoch University Village and have a car, you’ll need to get an endorsed application form from the Murdoch Village administration office. You can then apply for a purple zone parking permit at our Student Centre.

Find the Student Centre (link to Maps)

ACROD and Easy Access Parking

If you already have an ACROD sticker, you don’t need to apply for a parking permit. Please display your ACROD sticker when parking in any of the signed ACROD bays across campus.

If you are a staff member or student and wish to apply for a temporary Easy Access Parking Permit because of a mobility or medical condition, you can apply through our Equity & Social Inclusion Office (map) or at the Student Centre.

You’ll need to display both your easy access and red/green zone permits when you park in any of the signed Easy Access parking bays.

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For more details about parking at Murdoch, please visit our Property, Development Commercial Service Office (PDCSO) website.

Learn more about parking

Important information about parking at Murdoch

It’s important that you understand and agree to these conditions of purchase when you pay for your parking permit.

Student parking permits - conditions of purchase

  • Parking zones – University students can purchase a red or green zone permit.
  • Part time permit – There is NO part time permit option.
  • Student vs staff permit – Students who are employed by the University on a casual or temporary basis are eligible for a student parking permit. Students employed on a fixed term contract or continuous status must purchase a staff parking permit (regardless of the number of hours worked).
  • Replacement permit – permits are the responsibility of the permit holder and if lost, stolen or damaged a $30.00 replacement fee applies.
  • Lost, stolen and damaged permits – must be reported to the Student Centre, and an application for a replacement permit completed and processed along with a police report number and/or a statutory declaration. Refer to Replacement permit.
  • Refunds Students – a parking permit refund is available from the University provided:
    • The student has formally withdrawn from the University prior to final date of withdrawal as per the HECS policy and the permit is returned wholly and in good condition to the Student Centre at the South Street campus.
    • For full year permit refunds prior to the census date for Semester 1 100% refund.
    • For semester 1 only permits, prior to the census date for Semester 1 50% refund.
    • For semester 2 only permits, prior to the census date for Semester 2 50% refund.
    • No refund for daily scratchies.
  • Temporary permit – should the permit holder not transfer their permit to the vehicle driven onto campus, a free Temporary Permit must be obtained from the Student Centre by producing their photo ID card. Vehicles not displaying a permit may be infringed. Notes on vehicles are not accepted.
  • Available parking – a valid parking permit does not guarantee a parking bay (exception applies to Reserved Permit holders). Current permit holders must only park in the designated areas applicable to the type of permit held.
  • Displaying permit – a valid parking permit must be displayed at all times. Apply your current, valid permit to inside of front windscreen in lower right hand corner. If a “card” type permit is held, it must be displayed on the dashboard so that all details are visible from the outside.
  • Transfer of permit – permits are issued to one person and are not transferable to anyone else. Permits may only be transferred between alternate vehicles that have been nominated and registered under the permit system.
  • Change of details – Permit holders are required to maintain updated details of their vehicle including address via the online parking system by clicking the 'Update' or 'Add Another' option.
  • Reciprocal Parking -There are NO reciprocal parking arrangements with other Perth Universities.